Preview: Unicorn City (2012)


In an effort to obtain a prestigious job at a prominent video game manufacturer, a witless role-playing gamer attempts to create the ultimate gaming mecca by creating a real life community where participants can live out their dreams in a fantasy environment.

  • Poster: C+


For everything that the trailer is not, the poster does a better job at. It's still an unfriendly, minor tribute to the slapstick comedies of the 1980's, but it's at least better than the trailer.

  • Trailer: D-


This idiotic, simplton comedy is utterly unnecessary, filled with ludicrous situations and inexplicable jokes, and it takes someone whose been a part of that community before to get all of the jokes. Make no mistake, this isn't your favorite Community episode come to life. This is a shitty geekfest that does more harm than good.

Oscar Prospects:


Release Date:

  • February 24, 2012