Preview: The Woman in Black (2012)


A gothic horror tale about a young lawyer who comes to a quiet village haunted by its own past and a mysterious woman in black that terrorizes them.

  • Poster: C


Drawing out one of the images from the film doesn't highlight a number of elements that would do better at selling the film. Putting Daniel Radcliffe front and center would help and showing that it's a gothic period horror film would also assist.

  • Trailer: A-; B


In his first post-Potter role, Daniel Radcliffe needs to show that he's working hard before being taken seriously by non-Potter fans. He's already allayed some of those fears on Broadway, now he's trying something radically differnt on the big screen. This trailer looks spectacular. It's creepy, atmospheric and has my interest piqued. Of course that completely transparent closing image continues to make me distrust trailer-crafters.

If you want to see how radically different a trailer can make a film look, check out the first and second trailer for this film. Whereas the first made it look like a tantalizing frightfest, this second trailer looks like it's as generic as the next suspense yarn.

Oscar Prospects:

Something this atmospheric might be admired by art directors and costume designers, but waiting a full year to be recognized by them will end up with the film being forgotten.

Release Date:

  • February 3, 2012