Preview: Wreck-It Ralph (2012)


Fed up with the frequent grind of playing the bad guy, one video game villain decides to break out of his machine and experience life in other games instead.

  • Poster: (B) / D+


(The 8-bit style of the poster is a positive decision from the perspective of attracting those who were fans of such games when they were kids, but younger audiences might not take a shine to this particular design.)

Creative homage to bland sell-out. That's Disney for you.

  • Trailer: B / B-


It may look like a video game-style clone of Toy Story, but it looks like it could still be something of a fun film.

They've created a new trailer that expands the amount of film it covers pushing towards too much revelation. It was a nice touch focusing less on the in-your-face Jane Lynch and more the tough-as-nails Lynch, but ultimately this trailer makes the film look like it's more appealing to children than adults.

Oscar Prospects:

An Animated Feature nomination seems certain unless it becomes one of the most critically derided films of the year, something Disney can't quite overcome. A win seems out of the question when against a powerful Pixar contender.

Release Date:

  • November 2, 2012