Preview: Zero Dark Thirty (2012)


The inside story of the Seal team that killed Osama bin Laden.

  • Poster: (B-) / (B-) / B-


(While the overly simple design isn't the most eyecatching, the "redacted" nature of the design keeps it from being utterly uninteresting. It does make it harder to read, though.)

(The first poster (a placeholder it was, I am now certain) was apparently redacted leaving an equally simple, limitedly appealing design that plays more into the "overhead view" motif they have been using frequently.)

Leaving well enough alone is not in the cards and they replace yet another less-than-inspired design with another less-than-inspired design and then a futher less-than-inspired design. You have a major Oscar contender here and this is what you produce? Someone needs to fire the poster designer.

  • Trailer: B / C+


Not really digging deep into the actual compound raid, likely being saved for the film's climax, the film looks like it could be an interesting examination of the investigation leading up to the death of bin Laden. It will, unfortunately, be too easy to become a flag-waving bit if patriot propoganda.

If it was possible to make an action-ish film look less exciting, they have managed to do that. The first trailer at least had a sense of tension. This trailer shows a lot of simple scenes with no emotional impact, leaving the audience confused whether they should expect a capable action film or a thought-provoking war movie or a combination of both.

Oscar Prospects:

The first feature from the first female Oscar winner for Best Director will obviously be a contender if only to show naysayers that they made the right choice. I still don't think they did, but they will be lambasted if they don't nominate her again even if the film's mediocre at best.

Release Date:

  • December 19, 2012