Preview: RED 2 (2013)


Still retired. Still extremely dangerous. The team gets back together as a new hit is declared on one of its members.

  • Poster: B+


Bringing back the inspired design of the prior films, this group silhouette design conjures up the right memories in terms of pulling back fans to the film.

  • Trailer: B- / B+


The trailer doesn't suggest anything new or original, which might make a retread seem a little stale to audiences. However, name recognition and the entertainment value of the original may make it a strong player.

There isn't a lot of new in the second trailer either, but reminding us why we enjoyed the first film so much is the perfect method of interest-building. There is some extra drama set up with the characters and more of the plot is presented to make it seem like an embellished twist on the classic spy drama.

Oscar Prospects:


Release Date:

  • July 19, 2013