Awards History

2017 Academy Awards (90th)
2016 Academy Awards (89th)
2015 Academy Awards (88th)
2014 Academy Awards (87th)
2013 Academy Awards (86th)

All Years Prior

I am working to rebuild all of the old webpages to fit the WordPress site format. It’s been a long time coming and may be a long time completing. Suffice it to say, things are coming along slowly. In addition to the above, the following Hopefuls pages have already been transferred. I’m hoping to eventually have this page broken down into links to the full years’ coverage as well as sections for each major section that visitors may want to hit up specifically.

Hopefuls History

2017 (90th)
2016 (89th)
2015 (88th)
2014 (87th)
2013 (86th)
2012 (85th)
2011 (84th)
2010 (83rd)
2009 (82nd)
2008 (81st)
2007 (80th)
2006 (79th)
2005 (78th)
2004 (77th)
2003 (76th)
2002 (75th)
2001 (74th)
2000 (73rd)
1999 (72nd)
1998 (71st)
1997 (70th)

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