Film Fun Friday #5

Welcome once again to Film Fun Friday where we want you to have fun. If you have further suggestions on how we can improve, ideas for other games you’d like to see or just want to tell us how much fun you’re having, feel free to drop us a Comment. If you would like to submit a puzzle of your own, just send me a PM on the discussion forums.

(Please use the [.spoiler] [./spoiler] tags. Just put your answer between the two bracketed tags and remove the periods. Let everyone have some fun without getting their answers spoiled)

Contest: Summer Box Office Prediction Contest

Before we get to the regular line-up of Friday games, let me remind you of our 16-week contest to predict the Summer Box Office. There are prizes, so please remember to participate. You can do so for this week at this link (which also features the rules): Contest: Summer Box Office Prediction Contest.

Game: Identify the Poster

Two more posters to identify this week. The one on the left is our classic Negative Image challenge and the one on the right is a Foreign Language entry.

Game: Film Mash-Up

We’ve combined two or more films, characters, actors or quotes here. You must split them apart into their basic components.

Ruth Kane

Game: Six Degrees of Oscar Separation

For more information on how to solve this six degrees puzzle, visit the original thread here: Film Fun Friday #1.

Let’s make this one a bit easier and see how it goes.

Connect King Vidor to Renee Zellweger.

Game: Site Search

If you’ve been reading our site, you should have no problem locating the answer to this question.


About which film did Wesley Lovell quip: “I’ve had to look up the premise of this film three times now, it keeps slipping my mind.”


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  1. The first poster is [spoiler]The Color Purple[/spoiler] but I don’t know what the 2nd one is.

    Site Search:

    [spoiler]Wesley said “I’ve had to look up the premise of this film three times now, it keeps slipping my mind.” about the movie Takers.[/spoiler]

  2. Posters:

    [spoiler]The Color Purple and Kiss the Blood Off My Hands[/spoiler]

    Six Degrees:

    [spoiler]King Vidor directed War and Peace featuring Henry Fonda who starred in On Golden Pond with Jane Fonda who starred in Julia featuring Meryl Streep who starred in One True Thing with Renee Zellweger[/spoiler]

  3. For Six Degrees:

    King Vidor directed War and Peace (1954) which starred
    Henry Fonda who appeared in Wanda Nevada (1979) with
    Peter Fonda who appeared in Love and a .45 (1994) with
    Renee Zellweger

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