Film Preview: American Assassin (2017)

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(April 23, 2017) Original
(June 25, 2017) New Trailers (#2 & #3) / New Poster (#2)
(September 10, 2017) New Posters (#3-#4)

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September 15, 2017


From IMDb: “A story centered on counterterrorism agent Mitch Rapp.”

Poster Rating: B- / B / C / C+

Review: (#1) This slightly-redacted poster design is different, but lacks life in many ways. Interesting will cut it in the interim, but a better design needs to be forthcoming.

(#2) I generally like these types of poster designs, but I really wish they’d find something to do with the background rather than choosing a plain, white one.

(#3) A strangely steamy design both literally and figuratively. That doesn’t give it enough balance or inventiveness to be interesting, though. (#4) More elements makes for more creativity, but that doesn’t make the design original. Here we have an intense color palette that is overused, a layout that’s commonplace, and a largely unthrilling backdrop.

Trailer Rating: C+ / C+ / C-

Review: (#1) There are some compelling elements in the trailer that suggest a film with some potential. However, it also looks like a film that borrows too heavily from well-worn tropes making it seem inauthentic or unoriginal.

(#2 & #3) This green and red band trailer pair doesn’t differ significantly enough. The few viscerally added elements to the red band trailer don’t add measurably and are thus pointless, but also not very appealing in terms of red band attraction. Overall, the concept is clear and puts forth a film that is utterly generic, but might be engaging.

Oscar Prospects:


Trailer #1

Trailer #2

Trailer #3


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