Film Preview: Power Rangers (2017)

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March 24, 2017


From IMDb: “A group of high-school kids, who are infused with unique superpowers, harness their abilities in order to save the world.”

Poster Rating: C+ / B- (5) / B (5) / C (5) / D+ / C- / C- / D+ / C / C / C- / D+ / D+ / C / D

Review: (#1) One would expect something a bit more bold for this film, but it’s nice enough to create some measure of interest. It’s too bad it looks like a lot of other recent teen-targeted sci-fi-esque films. (#2-#6) These simple character posters use the same motif and work adequately. (#7-#11) This is the more creative of the character poster sets with each figure standing on their particular construct. The color schemes fit almost perfectly. (#12-#16) These character posters are much weaker than the prior as they don’t seem to have any reason for using the motion blur concept and, even if they did, it still wouldn’t look that good.

(#17) This looks more like a poster for a Transformers or Pacific Rim film rather than a Power Rangers movie. Maybe it has some visual significance to fans of the original programs and movies, but to a regular audience, it doesn’t have much meaning.

(#18) Animals and power rangers. Maybe this will pique fans’ interests, but it’s not that compelling either. (#19) For so many colors on display, this poster sure looks colorless. The background isn’t that interesting either which makes the whole thing feel pointless. (#20) While this fixes the problem with a lack of color, this character assemblage and backdrop just don’t measure up. (#21) Mechanical dinosaurs and Power Rangers, I’m sure this will appeal to plenty, but will that really be enough. (#22) This is an almost identical design to #19, but with the Red Ranger’s face mask removed. This seems utterly pointless, and perhaps a little racist considering the makeup of the entire group.

(#23) Everyone faces one way, except the purported leader. Why is that? Why the blank white background? This entire design just doesn’t make a lot of sense. (#24) Adopting the same dull white background and putting the colorful cast into a modestly dull lightning bolt isn’t that interesting. (#25) Taking the prior design’s lightning bolt motif and shifting the Power Rangers to the outside is an interesting, if facile swap. (#26) Here, the lightning bolt formation is given an intense amount of color and detail, which helps make it spark a bit more than the others. (#27) Drawn versions of the rangers splayed in a barely-recognizable lightning bolt formation just doesn’t work.

Trailer Rating: B / C+

Review: (#1) While some audiences grew up with the Power Rangers, a lot of kids weren’t into them. Even those kids, who are now adults, might be most fascinated in what is in store as this trailer is surprisingly light, interesting, and holds some measure of potential for being more than your prototypical Power Rangers movie.

(#2) Lame gags and a lot of seemingly cheap effects don’t make this trailer nearly as exciting or interesting as the previous effort.

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