Friday Face-Off #31

Time for another week of the Friday Face-Off. It's a simple affair in which you are given a choice between two Oscar winners in specific categories. You choose which of the two is best. When the game concludes, we'll have the ultimate winner in each category. For example: If you were to choose between Oscar Winner A and Oscar Winner B, the winner would face off against the winner of the contest between Oscar Winner C and Oscar Winner D. Think of it like championship brackets but with an Oscar style. If this is popular enough, we may do it for other types of films, events and such. Each week we may even have different categories to keep things spicy.

Here is this week's ten face-offs. So, let's get started.

Face-Off: Best Picture #16

1958 winner Gigi vs. 1959 winner Ben-Hur

Face-Off: Best Supporting Actor #16

1968 winner Cliff Robertson - Charly vs. 1969 winner John Wayne - True Grit

Face-Off: Best Supporting Actor #16

1952 winner Anthony Quinn - Viva Zapata! vs. 1953 winner Frank Sinatra - From Here to Eternity

Face-Off: Best Original Screenplay #13

1960 winner The Apartment vs. 1961 winner Splendor in the Grass

Face-Off: Best Original Song #13

1991 winner "Beauty and the Beast" - Beauty and the Beast vs. 1992 winner "A Whole New World" - Aladdin

Face-Off: Best Editing #16

2007 winner The Bourne Ultimatum vs. 2008 winner Slumdog Millionaire

Face-Off: Best Cinematography #16

1979 winner Apocalypse Now vs. 1980 winner Tess

Face-Off: Best Makeup #16

1996 winner The Nutty Professor vs. 1997 winner Men in Black

Face-Off: Best Sound #15

1965 winner The Sound of Music vs. 1966 winner Grand Prix

Face-Off: Best Documentary Feature #13

1964 winner Jacques-Yves Cousteau's World Without Sun vs. 1965 winner The Eleanor Roosevelt Story

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  1. Best Picture – Gigi
    Actor – John Wayne, True Grit
    Supporting Actor – Frank Sinatra, From Here to Eternity
    Original Screenplay – The Apartment
    Song – “Beauty and the Beast”
    Editing – Slumdog Millionaire
    Cinematography – Apoclaypse Now
    Makeup – Men in Black
    Sound – The Sound of Music
    Documentary – The Eleanor Rossevelt Story

  2. 1958 winner Gigi

    1968 winner Cliff Robertson – Charly

    1953 winner Frank Sinatra – From Here to Eternity

    1960 winner The Apartment

    1992 winner “A Whole New World” – Aladdin

    2008 winner Slumdog Millionaire

    1980 winner Tess

    1997 winner Men in Black

    1965 winner The Sound of Music

    1965 winner The Eleanor Roosevelt Story

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