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What's the Best of July 2011?

<a href="http://www.sodahead.com/entertainment/cinema-sight-asks-whats-the-best-film-from-july-2012/question-2748843/" title="Cinema Sight Asks: What's the best film from July 2012?">Cinema Sight Asks: What's the best film from July 2012?</a>
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  1. Sorry, it is confusing though. Of course, it is only June but i was trying to be helpful.

  2. Yes. I think that was fairly obvious. And since the series of polls has been about the best of 2011…

  3. I think you meant to type 2011??

  4. Forgive me for asking but the poll is “Best of July 2012,” but none of the movies listed is from July 2012?

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