Precursor: 14th Costume Designers Guild Nominations (2011)

Leave it to the Costume Designers Guild to throw a wrench in the works. I fully expected most of these nominees, but the exclusion of Anonymous which would usually be catnip for these guys makes no appearance. Meanwhile, most of the major Oscar contenders for Best Picture are here with the exception of Moneyball and The Tree of Life. I wouldn’t have expected Moneyball, but The Tree of Life seemed like it could fit in here. Usually, there’s one surprise Oscar inclusion and I’m thinking it may be Anonymous with four of these (likely The Artist, The Help, Hugo and maybe Jane Eyre) joining them. Of course, Harry Potter and the iconic jacket from Drive could get them both in the competition.

In addition to the nominees and/or winners listed below, this year, we’re giving you a quick background on each individual precursor including founding year, first awards year and a glimpse at how many predictions the group has gotten right in the last five years. This data can be found below.

The Nominations

Best Period Costume Design

The Artist
Jane Eyre
The Help

Best Fantasy Costume Design

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Red Riding Hood
X-Men: First Class

Best Contemporary Costume Design

The Descendants
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Costume Designers Guild Data

First Awards: 1998 (14)

Precursor Accuracy


  • Nominee was nominated for the corresponding Oscar
  • Nominee was not nominated for a corresponding Oscar
  • Total (2010-2009-2008-2007-2006)

Costume Design: 21 (4-4-4-4-5) N / 45 (7-8-9-11-10) I
Costume Design (Period): 16 (2-3-4-4-3) N / 7 (1-2-1-1-2) I
Costume Design (Fantasy): 3 (2-1-0-0-0) N / 15 (1-1-3-5-5) I
Costume Design (Contemporary): 2 (0-0-0-0-2) N / 23 (5-5-5-5-3) I

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