Precursor: 33rd Society of Cinematographers Nominations (2018)

Once again If Beale Street Could Talk is proving to be anathema to the guilds with its failure to place in the cinematography category over the less well received lensings of First Man, The Favourite, and A Star Is Born. A disappointing development.

The Nominations

Best Cinematography

Cold War
The Favourite
First Man
A Star Is Born

American Society of Cinematographers Data

Year Founded: 1919
First Awards: 1986 (33)

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  1. Gotta say, I wasn’t so big on Roma’s cinematography. Sure, it was a smorgasbord for people who love blocking and not having to focus on editing, but for a story that required strong emotional connection, the camera work was too distant from the characters in too many scenes to connect. Case in point, the still frame up top. We got reaction from the back of three people’s heads that should have hit a lot harder, but the disconnect from the framing did it more of a disservice.

    Hopefully Beale Street gets the nomination over Roma. Cause Cuaron’s gonna get a director nod any way and that’s where it should end. Blocking: Nice. Camera work: Borderline Sterile.

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