The Cinema Sight Film Club #4: Selection

Welcome to our fourth monthly Cinema Sight Film Club (sorry, but we missed our December edition). We start on the first day of each month (fourth day since we’re starting late this month) with one selection based on the order people signed up to be part of the club. Cinema Sight’s own Peter J. Patrick has selected 1987’s The Dead. The film is available on both Netflix standard and instant.

Here’s how this will work. After the announcement of the selection on the first, you’ll have three weeks to arrange to watch the selected film. Then, on the 21st of the month, I’ll post a discussion thread here on the site where everyone can share their thoughts and opinions about the film and discuss its varied impacts on film history, culture and personal tastes. You are not required to write a dissertation, but you should at least share your opinions about the film and join us in any discussion that takes place. Now discussion topic about the film is taboo, but hateful language and name-calling (fellow Film Club participants) will not be tolerated.

Below is a list of the current participants in the film club and when they should have their selections made by. You are welcome to make a selection well in advance of your target date and can do so by e-mail, forum private message or send me a message on Facebook. If you have any questions, please feel free to discuss them here. However, please do not begin discussions of this film here or on the forum. We would like to all start together giving everyone a chance to watch the film before coloring their impressions of the film with our own. You’ll get your own post to respond on the 21st.

Participants & Due Dates

  • Mike Furlong due 1/21/12 for February 2012
  • Kaytodd due 2/21/12 for March 2012
  • Ryan Hope due 3/21/12 for April 2012
  • ksrymy due 4/21/12 for May 2012
  • Wesley Lovell due 5/21/12 for June 2012
  • Sabin due 6/21/12 for July 2012
  • Bog due 7/21/12 for August 2012
  • Tripp Burton due 8/21/12 for September 2012
  • dws1982 due 9/21/12 for October 2012
  • Peter J. Patrick due 10/21/12 for November 2012

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