This Day in Oscar History: June 4

Here’s what happened today in Oscar History.


1875: Albert E. Smith (83 at death) [Pictured (hover to see)]

  {0 Noms, 1 Win}
     Oscar Winner: Special/Honorary

1904: Alvah Bessie (81 at death) [Pictured (hover to see)]

  {1 Nom, 0 Wins}
     Oscar Nominee: Motion Picture Story

1907: Rosalind Russell (69 at death) [Pictured (hover to see)]

  {4 Noms, 1 Win}
     Oscar Winner: Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award
     Oscar Nominee: Lead Actress

1918: John DeCuir (73 at death) [Pictured (hover to see)]

  {11 Noms, 3 Wins}
     Oscar Winner: Art Direction, Art Direction (Color)
     Oscar Nominee: Art Direction, Art Direction (Black-and-White), Art Direction (Color)

1923: Arthur Jeph Parker (79 at death)

  {2 Noms, 0 Wins}
     Oscar Nominee: Art Direction

1936: Bruce Dern (76) [Pictured (hover to see)]

  {1 Nom, 0 Wins}
     Oscar Nominee: Supporting Actor

1975: Angelina Jolie (37) [Pictured (hover to see)]

  {2 Noms, 1 Win}
     Oscar Winner: Supporting Actress
     Oscar Nominee: Lead Actress, Supporting Actress


1977: Dick Snider (48)

  {1 Nom, 0 Wins}
     Oscar Nominee: Documentary Short

1994: Massimo Troisi (41)

  {2 Noms, 0 Wins}
     Oscar Nominee: Lead Actor, Adapted Screenplay

2004: Edmund M. Di Giulio (76)

  {0 Noms, 5 Wins}
     Oscar Winner: Gordon E. Sawyer Award, John A. Bonner Medal, Sci-Tech Award – Type II (Plaque), Sci-Tech Award – Type III (Certificate)

2006: Peter Greenwell (76)

  {1 Nom, 0 Wins}
     Oscar Nominee: Original Song or Adaptation Score


1942: Mrs. Miniver [Pictured (hover to see)]

  (New York City Release — LA on 7.22.1942) {Best Picture Winner, 1942}

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