Trailer Watch: Broken City

Broken premise. Broken hopes.

Broken City

poster-xlarge Trailer Watch: Broken City Plot Summary: One of the mayor's top cops discovers that all the work he's been doing to help clean up the city's streets has put him in the pocket of a corrupt mayor who uses violence to seek revenge against those who antagonize him.
Release Date: January 18, 2013



Rating: B-
Commentary: There's nothing particularly exciting about this design, but in its simplicity, there's a slight touch of elegance.
Rating: C+
Commentary: A generic cop thriller about dirty politics, sex and distrust. If you've seen any other cop film before, you've probably seen elements of this one.
Preview Link: CLICK HERE for link to the trailer, more posters (if available) and other commentary not featured here.
Oscar Chances: None.
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