Trailer Watch: Cosmopolis

If even David Cronenberg can’t elicit a passable performance from Pattinson, hope may be lost.


Plot Summary: An egotistical rich young man travels across the city in his limousine-office, trying to find a way to feel human again after his wealth and privilege have left him isolated.
Release Date: July 27, 2012



Rating: D
Commentary: Enough with trying to sell to the Twihard crowd. It doesn’t work. Robert Pattinson is not the name that will sell this movie and focusing on his painful expression, most people won’t be too interested unless they happen to know who Cronenberg is.
Rating: C+
Commentary: There are some interesting scenes in the trailer, but the whole of it feels too forced. Pattinson’s performance isn’t very appealing and anchoring your friend around someone seeming to lack charisma won’t win votes of confidence. It’s nice to see Pattinson trying to stretch, but he’s not done a very good job so far.
Preview Link: CLICK HERE for link to the trailer, more posters (if available) and other commentary not featured here.
Oscar Chances: None.

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