Trailer Watch: Identity Thief

They can keep this identity, I don’t want it back.

Identity Thief

Plot Summary: The hapless victim of identity theft pursues his thief to Florida where he attempts to bring her to justice even if unwillingly.
Release Date: February 8, 2013



Rating: C-
Commentary: It’s not inventive. It’s not original. What it does is work for those who are fans of the film’s star even without knowing much about the film itself.
Rating: D
Commentary: Every lamebrained, idiotic conflict comedy looks exactly like this. It may appeal to those who don’t care for much in the way of derivation from their favorite styles, but for more discerning tastes, it’s a waste of talent.
Preview Link: CLICK HERE for link to the trailer, more posters (if available) and other commentary not featured here.
Oscar Chances: None.

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