Trailer Watch: Jack Reacher

Yeah, this is a reacher all right…a desperate grab for an action-hungry audience.

Jack Reacher

Plot Summary: A homicide detective seeks answers to a five-victim sniping spree.
Release Date: December 21, 2012



Rating: None
Commentary: Poster was a placeholder at the time this post was written.
Rating: C-
Commentary: After numerous missteps at the box office, Cruise’s success with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol last year seems to have revitalized his attempts to be a box office behemoth again. The problem is this trailer is dreadfully boring, lacking an engaging thread and featuring little action excitement for an audience who will undoubtedly crave it.
Preview Link: CLICK HERE for link to the trailer, more posters (if available) and other commentary not featured here.
Oscar Chances: None.

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