5 Favorites #1: 5 Favorite Genres

Welcome to Cinema Sight’s new weekly feature, 5 Favorites. We know lots of people love making lists and we’re going to give you that opportunity. Every week, we’ll pose a new five favorites question. You just list your five favorites that fit in that category and you’re welcome to discuss and debate the selections and see just how much you do or do not have in common with others.

These categories will either be specific directors, actors or composers; or it could be individual genres, Oscar winning films or other assorted ideas. Share your thoughts on new categories at any time.

To start things off this week, I want to know what your favorite film genres are. It will help us find the most entertaining genres to tackle throughout the game. Similar games for Five Favorite Directors, Five Favorite Actors and so forth will follow and be mixed with other interesting list-making opportunities.

Here are some genre examples to give you an idea of how narrow your suggestions I’d like to see: Romantic Comedies, Supernatural Horror, Gangster, Historical Epic, Pre-20th Century Literary Adaptations, etc. If you like all horror films regardless of type, you can list that. I just ask that you not use the heavily broad Comedy and Drama categories since so many films can fit into those.

So, have at it. What are your 5 Favorite Genres?


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  1. 1. Historical Romance
    2. Romantic Drama
    3. Romantic Comedy
    4. Westerns
    5. Musicals

  2. Io order of preference:

    1- Western
    2- Animation
    3- Courtroom dramas
    4- “Whodunit”
    5- Silent slapsticks

  3. Murder mysteries
    Coming-of-age dramas
    Through-the-years dramas
    Screwball comedies

  4. I’ll go specific on this one:

    Screwball comedies
    Anything apocalyptic
    Political Dramas
    Heist films

  5. My favorite genres:

    Horror (pretty much every type)
    Spoof (I’m even amused by the modern pop culture stuff)
    Modern Musicals (the ones where plot is more important than individual dance numbers)
    Animation (excluding anime and kiddie-stuff, though Hayao Miyazaki is an exception to the exclusion)

    1. So, I would definitely not rank the above in this order or preference…it would be:

      Modern Musicals

  6. Crime
    Spoof (not including the recent Epic Movie, Date Movie trend; I’m referring to The Naked Gun, Airplane, Young Frankenstein arena)
    Historical Epic/Biography

    1. Just curious if those are in order or in no particular order.

      1. They are in descending order. Crime is my favorite, encompassing Pulp Fiction, The Killing, Quick Change, The Godfather films, The Departed, Reservoir Dogs, Bonnie and Clyde, A Fish Called Wanda, Sin City, Heat, Fargo, Blood Simple, The Grifters, Jackie Brown, The Wild Bunch, The Usual Suspects, A CLockwork Orange, The Untouchables and so many others.

        I must admit that I forgot animation. It should definitely be in my top 5 in place of western. I adore Miyazaki, Pixar, Disney and several others.

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