5 Favorites #74: 5 Favorite Actors Under 30

Every week, we’ll pose a new “five favorites” question. You just list your five favorites that fit in that category (preferably in preference order) and you’re welcome to discuss and debate the selections and see just how much you do or do not have in common with others. If you want to take a look back at our past articles to comment or enjoy, here is a post set aside to track all of our articles.

Switching things up a bit, I’d like to know who your favorite male actors are who are currently under the age of 30.

What are your 5 Favorite actors under 30?


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  1. Carey Mulligan
    Chloe Moretz
    Antony Yelchin
    Saoirse Ronan
    Ellen Page

    1. I meant Anton Yelchin

    2. I deliberately did not include the female actors. There are so many more of them to choose from, and you picked four of the best.

      1. It was hard not to include Paul Dano, Mike. Cheers!

    3. Please re-read. It’s “…favorite MALE actors…”

  2. Anton Yelchin
    Jamie Bell
    Armie Hammer
    Jesse Eisenberg
    Dan Byrd

  3. Jesse Eisenberg
    Paul Dano
    Armie Hammer
    Anton Yelchin
    Andrew Garfield

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