5 Favorites #80: 5 Favorite Suggestions

Every week, we’ll pose a new “five favorites” question. You just list your five favorites that fit in that category (preferably in preference order) and you’re welcome to discuss and debate the selections and see just how much you do or do not have in common with others. If you want to take a look back at our past articles to comment or enjoy, here is a post set aside to track all of our articles.

So, as we now hit our 80th post in the 5 Favorites game, we’ve had both successes and failures. But I’m starting to run out of ideas, so this is your chance to put forth some suggestions.

What are your 5 Favorite suggestions for future 5 Favorite games?


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  1. Less than 5 minute scene that clenched the oscar (performance)

    1. There are five of those?

  2. Death Scenes
    Chase Scenes
    Musical Numbers
    Editing Sequence
    Director or Star Cameos
    Plot Twists (Prefaced by film title to avoid spoilers)

  3. Sorry, more than 5, I could go on forever…..
    Sports-Themed Films
    Foreign Films
    Disney Cartoons
    Best Unrecognizable Performances (Like John Hurt, The Elephant Man)
    Most Iconic Performances
    Most Visually Impressive Films
    Movies You Loved, But Thought You Were Gonna Hate
    Worst Performances by a Good Actor/Actress
    Best Performances by a Bad Actor/Actress
    Most Deserving Academy Award Winning Best Pictures
    Period Pieces

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