5 Favorites #9: 5 Favorite Stage Musical Adaptations

Every week, we’ll pose a new “five favorites” question. You just list your five favorites that fit in that category (preferably in preference order) and you’re welcome to discuss and debate the selections and see just how much you do or do not have in common with others.

Let’s tackle more films this week.

So, have at it. Which are your 5 Favorite Stage Musical Adaptations?


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  1. 1. Cabaret
    2. The Sound of Music
    3. My Fair Lady
    4. Grease
    5. Oklahoma

  2. 1.Grease
    3. Hairspray
    4. The Phantom Of The Opera
    5. Chicago

  3. 1. Oliver!
    2. The Sound of Music
    3. My Fair Lady
    4. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
    5. Evita

  4. My problem is that I don’t know off hand which ones are adaptations from the stage. I’ll give it my best guess
    1. The Music Man
    2. Cabaret
    3. Hair
    4. Oliver!
    5. The King and I

  5. Cabaret
    Guys and Dolls
    How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
    On the Town

  6. Easy to pick the best lot of them all:

    The Merry Widow (1934)
    The Band Wagon (1953)
    On the Town (1949)
    The King and I (1956)
    My Fair Lady (1964)

  7. In chronological order:

    Show Boat (1936)
    My Fair Lady (1964)
    The Sound of Music (1965)
    Cabaret (1972)
    Hair (1979)

  8. Chicago (2002)
    Sweeney Todd (1997)
    Cabaret (1972)
    The Sound of Music (1965)

    I really, really Hate West Side Story

    1. Are you referencing the TV version of Sweeney Todd with Ben Kingsley and Joanna Lumley (which wasn’t a musical) or the 2007 Tim Burton abomination?

      1. I loved the abomination dude. I never say the original musical or the ben kingsley version, maybe that helped me watch it with a fresh mind.

        I love your webpage dude, I’ve followed it since the year 2000 when you predict 14 nominations for The Green Mile. I adore that film and I agree it deserved more nominations that year.

        We both love the oscars dude. But we don’t see eye to eye in some taste in movies jeje.

  9. Yes, Criddic. Since these will be movie-based quizzes, you can assume I want stage-to-screen adaptations of musicals.

  10. I assume we’re looking at movie adaptations of stage musicals, and not stage musical adaptations of movies (“Billy Elliot” for example)

    Guys and Dolls (1955)
    Chicago (2002)
    The Sound of Music (1965)
    Pal Joey (1957)
    West Side Story (1961)

    A lot of good ones to choose from, including most of the Rodgers & Hammerstein musicals, the Jerome Kern/Hammerstein “Show Boat,” Funny Girl, Pajama Game, Sweeney Todd, Evita etc. etc.

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