Feed the Queue #92

Looking over last week’s two votes, there weren’t enough to make an informed decision, so I’m carrying over last week’s vote to this week.

Here’s the deal: every week, I will be calling for suggestions of films to be added to my Netflix queue. Each person makes one suggestion and one alternate (in case I have seen one of your suggestions). The next week, when I call for new suggestions, we begin a one-week voting period to select the film to be placed immediately into my Netflix queue to be reviewed the weekend after (because I’ll already have my Netflix queue selections for the coming weekend). Then, you’ll find out what I thought in my weekly Morning After feature on Monday morning.

Sometimes a genre gets stuck in the rotation and it makes for a rough viewing schedule. Starting this week, I’m going to be asking for suggestions that fit a specific genre so each week can be a bit spicy. The genre or event listed each week will be posted at the end of this post.

To help decide what to pick, here is a list of what I’ve seen (or at least that I have personally logged).

Full List of Films I’ve Seen (updated through 3/10/11; a small number of titles may be missing still)
Here’s what you need to post today (and through next Wednesday):

  1. Here’s a link to last week’s voting: Feed the Queue #91


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  1. New recommendations:
    Reversal of Fortune

    1. The Elephant Man
    2. Saurday Night Fever
    3. The Boys from Brazil
    4. The Stunt Man
    5. Equus
    6. All That Jazz

  2. Wall Street

    1. All That Jazz (A+)
    2. Elephant Man (B+)
    3. The Stunt Man (B)
    4. Saturday Night Fever (B)
    5. Boys from Brazil (B-)
    6. Equus (C)

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