Film Preview: A Bad Moms Christmas (2017)

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Release Date:

November 1, 2017


From IMDb: “Amy, Carla and Kiki struggle to cope when their respective mothers visit for the holidays.”

Poster Rating: C / C (3) / C / C

Review: (#1) If it weren’t for the obviousness of PhotoShopping Mila Kunis into a scene that she does not appear to be a part of, this design might just be the perfect way to advertise the film. It doesn’t make it great or exciting, just effective. (#2-#4) Exploring the dynamics of the characters and their mothers is an effective way of selling a film. These posters, as simplistic as they are, do a terrific job introducing everyone, their personalities, and their dynamic relationships.

(#5) Both a little duller and a little more interesting than the first design, putting our primary characters in the forefront helps better identify the film to fans of the previous film. (#6) Everything here looks posed and inauthentic, though it does help people recognize the original characters plus actors they might want to see as parents.

Trailer Rating: B / B / B / B

Review: (#1 & #2) The tandem green-and-red band trailer releases have been hit or miss with both trailers typically duplicates with a few added words. This one does the same, though the added content is a bit more than just extra violence or dirty words like some others. The language genuinely changes the content of the trailer itself, which makes it more appealing.

(#3 & #4) It is far too rare to find a red band trailer that diverges a lot from its green band partner. This is no more obvious than in this case where the exact same cut and jokes are in both trailers with a couple of bits added with foul language and one, surprisingly effective, joke scene at the end of the trailer. They continue to make the film look generically palatable.

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