Film Preview: The Fate of the Furious (2017)

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Release Date:

April 14, 2017


From IMDb: “The plot is unknown at this time.”

Poster Rating: F / C+ / B / C+ / C-

Review: (#1) Sorrow and anger clash in this awful, dull, lifeless design. That tagline is corny and the title matches.

(#2) That blank white background is awful, while the foreground cars just aren’t that exciting. Putting the stars within the title is seldom a good idea, but this works decently well, putting the two opposing factions into separate letters. (#3) This design does a slightly better job than poster #2 as it keeps the separated characters motif, adding Charlize Theron appropriately to the one with Vin Diesel, and the accompanying image, really just a scene from the film, is more detailed and interesting to look at.

(#4) Having to advertise your film as Fast & Furious 8 in other territories speaks to how hokey, or perhaps idiomatic, the American title is. The sub design works well enough, but it’s nothing impressive. (#5) Yeah. Cars are really going to sell this film? By now, the cars are a secondary element to the narrative and its the characters that will bring people to the theater.

Trailer Rating: F / B- / C

Review: (#1) These teasers for trailers are awful and this is no exception. We are promised a trailer, but you have to wait for it. Here’s a cheap tease that does little to instill excitement or anticipation in the viewer.

(#2) The audience must be sold on the tension, but when that tension comes amid an outright defection from the “family” that was celebrated in the prior film, it’s bound to frustrate and disappointing its target audience.

(#3) This extra long trailer is filled to the brim with action sequences that aren’t particularly exciting and some plot elements that feel exceedingly cheesy. While it will continue to appeal to fans of the franchise, it’s very alienating to those who aren’t.

Oscar Prospects:


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