Friday Face-Off #42

Time for another week of the Friday Face-Off. It’s a simple affair in which you are given a choice between two Oscar winners in specific categories. You choose which of the two is best. When the game concludes, we’ll have the ultimate winner in each category. For example: If you were to choose between Oscar Winner A and Oscar Winner B, the winner would face off against the winner of the contest between Oscar Winner C and Oscar Winner D. Think of it like championship brackets but with an Oscar style. If this is popular enough, we may do it for other types of films, events and such. Each week we may even have different categories to keep things spicy.

Here is this week’s ten face-offs. So, let’s get started.

Face-Off: Best Director #21

1963 winner Tony Richardson – Tom Jones vs. 1964 winner George Cukor – My Fair Lady

Face-Off: Best Supporting Actor #21

1962 winner Ed Begley – Sweet Bird of Youth vs. 1963 winner Melvyn Douglas – Hud

Face-Off: Best Supporting Actress #21

1952 winner Gloria Grahame – The Bad and the Beautiful vs. 1953 winner Donna Reed – From Here to Eternity

Face-Off: Best Original Screenplay #17

1968 winner The Producers vs. 1969 winner Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Face-Off: Best Adapted Screenplay #17

1980 winner Ordinary People vs. 1981 winner On Golden Pond

Face-Off: Best Cinematography #21

1989 winner Glory vs. 1990 winner Dances With Wolves

Face-Off: Best Makeup #21

2006 winner Pan’s Labyrinth vs. 2007 winner La Vie en Rose

Face-Off: Best Sound #20

1975 winner Jaws vs. 1976 winner All the President’s Men

Face-Off: Best Visual Effects #20

1999 winner The Matrix vs. 2000 winner Gladiator

Face-Off: Best Foreign Film #17

1981 winner Mephisto vs. 1982 winner Volver a Empezar (To Begin Again)


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  1. I agree with Peter!

  2. Best Director – George Cukor, My Fair Lady
    Supporting Actor – Melvyn Douglas, Hud
    Supporting Actress – Donna Reed, From Here to Eternity
    Original Screenplay – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
    Adapted Screenplay – Ordinary People
    Cinematography – Glory
    Makeup – Pan’s Labyrinth
    Sound – Jaws
    Visual Effects – The Matrix
    Foreign Film – Mephisto

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