The Alien Quintet

This weekend saw the release of the fifth narrative-driven film of the alien franchise (I am not including the out-of-place Alien vs. Predator films) and it debuted to large numbers, validating the interest in the prequel that box office pundits seemed to discount in their analyses of the weekend.

After I picked up the movie Alien as part of my Feed the Queue series, I was interested in checking out its sequel, but didn’t find enough time to do it. Then, as luck would have it, the sequel was selected in a later Feed the Queue entry. Having seen the prior two films, I decided I would catch up on the rest of the films in the series and completing that task prior to the prequels release seemed the right time. And thus, we arrive at today’s special feature.

Over the weekend, I took the opportunity to check out Ridley Scott’s much ballyhooed return to the Alien franchise, Prometheus. Over the last week, I’ve worked diligently to bring you full length reviews of all five films. Over the next few hours, leading up to my Morning After article at 11:00am Central, you’ll be getting a chronological distribution of my reviews for the films of the Alien Quintet (or Alien Quintology to play off the Quadrilogy title given to the four-disk special edition DVD set from a few years ago).

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