This Day in Oscar History: October 12 (2017)

Here’s what happened today in Oscar History.





1944: Alex Funke (73) [Pictured (hover to see)]

  {2 Noms, 1 Win}
     Oscar Winner: Visual Effects
     Oscar Nominee: Visual Effects

1949: Richard Price (68) [Pictured (hover to see)]

  {1 Nom, 0 Wins}
     Oscar Nominee: Adapted Screenplay

1968: Hugh Jackman (49) [Pictured (hover to see)]

  {1 Nom, 0 Wins}
     Oscar Nominee: Actor
     Academy Awards Host: 81st | 1 time


1947: Cullen Tate (51)

  {1 Nom, 0 Wins}
     Oscar Nominee: Assistant Director

1991: Aline MacMahon (92) [Pictured (hover to see)]

  {1 Nom, 0 Wins}
     Oscar Nominee: Supporting Actress

2002: Hilyard Brown (92)

  {1 Nom, 1 Win}
     Oscar Winner: Art Direction (Color)
     Oscar Nominee: Art Direction (Color)

2006: Gillo Pontecorvo (86) [Pictured (hover to see)]

  {2 Noms, 0 Wins}
     Oscar Nominee: Directing, Original Screenplay


1934: The Gay Divorcee (83) [Pictured (hover to see)]

  {5 Noms, 1 Win @ 1934 Academy Awards}
     Oscar Winner: Song (“The Continental”)
     Oscar Nominee: Picture, Song (“The Continental”), Scoring, Art Direction, Sound Recording

2012: Argo (5) [Pictured (hover to see)]

  {7 Noms, 3 Wins @ 2012 Academy Awards}
     Oscar Winner: Picture, Adapted Screenplay, Editing
     Oscar Nominee: Picture, Supporting Actor (Alan Arkin), Adapted Screenplay, Original Score, Editing, Sound/Sound Mixing, Sound Effects/Editing

Oscar Nominations

1932: 5th Annual Academy Awards

  (Nominations Announcement) {for the films of 1931/32}

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