Trailer Watch: 42

It’s the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything…and in this case, it might be close to true.


Plot Summary: A look into the tumultuous signing of Jackie Robinson, the first black baseball player in the Major Leagues.
Release Date: April 12, 2013



Rating: B
Commentary: It may be too simple, but it works. The design is rudimentary, but intended to give a very brief glimpse into the film, highlighting Jackie Robinson’s jersey number.
Rating: B
Commentary: Unlike the poster, the trailer shows us a lot of information about the player, his ascension to the major leagues, and the racism and segregation of the period. Most notable is how almost unrecognizable Harrison Ford is in the film, but I’m hoping he’s not the one singled out for the film and others get some attention (unlike what I just did).
Preview Link: CLICK HERE for link to the trailer, more posters (if available) and other commentary not featured here.
Oscar Chances: Releasing in April won’t help it win friends with the Academy, but poised at the beginning of baseball season, it will surely pull a sizable audience. If it’s well received by critics, I could imagine it as a Best Picture nominee with possible nominations for Harrison Ford in Supporting Actor and possibly newcomer Chadwick Boseman in Actor.

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